I refine my authentic voice alone and share it with others.

Two women of color smile at each other with open laptops.
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Asking where I’m ‘really’ from is about their baggage, not mine.

Two contrasting purses against contrasting backgrounds.
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Why does my story matter, really?

Some say they don’t see…

I find myself in the world of immigrant stories.

Three distinct patches of a quilt stitched together.
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Who matters is about seeing humanity and inclusion.

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I gave birth to my son, who teaches me about life.

Mother duck and baby duckling.
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My son taught his first lessons to me, his mother.

I first learned to love unconditionally from his brother, who was nearly five years old twenty-three years ago. Little Brother grew into a dreamy, chubby baby and toddler. By age three, he was ‘different,’ slow to speak, prone…

It comes from within and without.

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My Indian grandmother’s hand-spun hopes guide my path today.

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My nostalgia inhabits a footstool, evoking unknowable stories.

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That cookbook on sale might not be the ambrosia you seek.

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Over-spiced stereotypes lack substance and nuance.

Representational images collapse Hindu and Indian. The term Hindu refers to those who practice Hinduism or live in a culture influenced by it.

I shed nostalgia to see strength and wisdom in what’s broken.

Photo by Ekaterina Novitskaya on Unsplash

Nostalgia is a longing for simpler times to soothe pain in the present.

I’m thinking a lot about history these days. This summer is a backdrop to our fiery social and political strife — in the middle of a pandemic. Looking back at a time long ago feels like going to the beach for cool relief. If only beaches near me were open.


Punita shares her musings about midlife, her immigrant family, and life at the intersection of disability and diversity. She loves history, words, and culture.

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